Houston Dog Training

Prep School

This is Houston’s most comprehensive dog day training program. Designed for dogs of all ages and busy new dog owners who would like to fast track their dog’s success.

Houston Puppy Training

The most important time for puppy learning and development is the first three months! From group classes to our one of a kind Puppy Prep School Program, we have designed several different puppy programs to meet every family’s needs. Known as Houston’s Puppy Gurus, we are here to partner with you to turn your puppy into the dog you desire.

Group Adult Dog Training

Our small Group Classes meet one hour a week for six weeks. The focuses vary and are an excellent way for you and your dog to make some new 2- and 4-legged friends.

Private Training

Customized, one-on-one sessions, which can be held in your home or our facility. Each lesson is created specifically for your dog and situation. We will teach you how to train your dog.

Boarding School

Training is a lifelong process for pet and pet-parent. Enroll in one of our boarding school programs today so your dog’s education never skips a beat -- even when you’re apart. We offer multiple booking options to fit your needs.

Every happy dog needs:


All dogs love to walk, it’s in their nature. It is absolutely true that a tired dog is a happy dog. Generally, a properly exercised dog doesn’t have the energy to tear up your new curtains or dig a hole to China in your backyard.


Dogs do not speak English! We have to show them and teach them how we want them to behave. Training creates happy, well-mannered dogs and fosters effective communication.

Mental Stimulation

Most breeds of dogs were bred to do a job. As household pets, most dogs are never asked to guard the sheep, or pull the sled. Without mental stimulation, a dog will become bored and/or anxious and behavior issues will likely ensue.