Where luxury living meets higher learning.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It shouldn’t make it hard to keep a well-trained dog. In our Boarding School program, your dog  will enjoy the stimulation of continued training while surrounded by luxury, state-of-the-art living quarters. We’ve designed our programs to sustain your dog’s development through positive reinforcement training.  So whether you’re together or apart, you’ll both maintain the skills and knowledge needed to shape a happy, healthy relationship.

Where luxury living meets higher learning.


Every interaction is a learning opportunity for your dog. Our dedicated training staff ensures your hard work never goes to waste with ongoing education.

Play Time

A tired dog is a happy dog. We ensure your pet gets the right amount of physical and mental stimuli needed to expend that playful energy.

Luxury Accommodations

Our clean, state-of-the-art indoor-outdoor facility offers a range of suite options for your pet to relax.

Boarding School

Training is a lifelong process for pet and pet-parent. Enroll in one of our boarding school programs today so your dog’s education never skips a beat -- even when you’re apart. We offer multiple booking options to fit your needs.


Our luxury lodging is the perfect mix of comfort, class and continued education. Leave your pups in good hands, and travel with peace of mind. Additional features and savings apply for PLD alumni.


Dorm Room

  • Hypoallergenic lamb’s wool matting
  • Raised bedding
  • Relaxing adjustable lighting
  • Pet-friendly TV programming
  • Wall artwork


  • All dorm room amenities plus
  • Doggy door with outdoor patio

Luxury Suites

  • All suite amenities plus
  • Larger room and patio
  • Great for multi-pet families

Presidential Suite

  • All luxury suite amenities
  • Apartment bedroom spaciousness
  • Largest outdoor patio
  • Great for multi-pet families or families with larger breeds